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Why Choose Home NationMac Mortgage?

Secure your Future with the most transparent P&L model in the industry!

There is a world of opportunity waiting. If you are not satisfied with your current situation or you’re ready to take on an exciting challenge, become a NationMac Mortgage Branch.

Our Branch Program was created specifically to provide already successful branch managers,  mortgage brokers and loan originators the opportunity to leverage our mortgage banking expertise in order to facilitate the growth and development of their current business and/or operations. Our goal is to help our branches grow their division into regional mortgage powerhouses by providing them with proven tools and technology that will allow them to focus on what they do best. We are Fannie and Freddie Direct Lenders and no overlays. Originate and Fund more loans!

NationMac Mortgage Branches:

  • Mortgage banking with roots in the business since 1997
  • Web Base Origination System – From Application to Funding accessible from anywhere you are
  • In-house Processing and Underwriting available
  • Multi-State Lending Capability (licensed in over 46 states soon to be Nationwide)
  • Large Non-QM Portfolio Lending
  • Ability to Broker
  • 24/7 online support
  • Access to Legal council
  • No upfront reserves requirement
  • Marketing Department (Materials and Support)
  • Option to offer your employees a full benefits package – includes Health insurance, Life insurance, 401k, and more!

Are you ready to take to get Started? Call Today 609-558-8425

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